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Spoken Word


The new lead singer of Journey is a Pinoy named Arnel Pineda, formerly with a Manila cover called the Zoo. In 2007, lead guitarist Neal Schon found clips of Arnel singing Journey songs with Zoo. Schon called Arnel, and the rest is history. The new album Revelation has Arnel on vocals!

is the self titled 1993 of the pinay Lea Salonga who is an
amazing singer with a crystal clear voice. This album of her songs is
great for any lover of Musical Theater!
is a love-story musical. The Vietnamese bride Kim is played
by Lea Salonga in her first major role. This album showcases her beautifully
precise voice and emotional energy.
revived Flower Drum Song mucial pulses with vitality and powerful
vocal renditions. Lea Salonga in the starring role confirms her gift for
Australian Band INXS was fronted by Michael Hutchence and brother
Rhett Hutchence ’80 worked with the band for many years.


Navarrete’s second effort HUSKY BOY is a classic pinoy comedy
album, with skits on Mom the Panty Menace, supermarkte Oriental Isles,
and the raunchy "SBC packers".
Navarrete’s first effort BADLY BROWNED is another classic pinoy
comedy album, with skits on learning english, halo-halo and the infamous
"Maritess vs. the Superfriends" skit.
Rex Navarrete’s third CD BASTOS has crazy comedy skits like the one about SEX EDUCATION WITH TITO BOY. Add this one to your Rex collection! Interactive software CD-ROM called Talk Now! Tagalog is a cool language-learning software with fun games and quizzes. Ideal for beginners, it includes vocabulary, phrases, and culture. Has a handy print and picture dictionary (entries with both text and pictorial references) and a recording tool to compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers. Traditional
Music from the Philippines
by Fiesta Filipina is for you who have
a deeper interest in Philippine culture and love authentic world music.

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