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1957 Sarao Jeepney for sale in Las Vegas – asking $20,000.
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  1. Jeepneys are a popular means of public transportation in the Philippines
  2. They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II
  3. Jeepneys are known for their flamboyant decoration and crowded seating
  4. Although the original jeepneys were simply refurbished military jeeps, modern jeepneys are now produced by independently owned factories within the Philippines.
  5. The word jeepney is commonly believed to be a conflation of “jeep” and “jitney”, or “jeep” and “knee”, the latter referring to the jeepney’s crowded face-to-face seating.


  1. Jeepney Mania – photos of jeepneys around the Philippines
  2. Jeepneys of the Philippines – jeep lover describes the jeepney
  3. The Jeepney – Automotive icon of the Philippines – article by Steven K. Bailey

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