Signs in da Pilipins


Can you decipher the word play
in these REAL pinoy signs?

* Alabank (rural bank of Alabang)
* Anita  Bakery
* Babalik Karinderia
* Balut Eggspress
* Bote Nga Sa’Yo (Used Bottle Shop)
* Candies Be Love? (candy store)
* Christopher Plumbing (plumbing contractor)
* Caintacky Fried Chicken (in Cainta, Rizal)
* Cinna Von (a laundromat)
* Cleopata’s  (bakahan and manukan)
* Crispy per minute (Crispy Pata Eatery)
* Curl Up and Dye (Beauty Salon)
* Doris Day and Night (24 hour eatery)
* Elizabeth  Tailoring
* Fagoofyt (a children’s hair salon in BF aranaque)
* Felix the Cut (Barber Shop)
* Fernando Pe’s Box Office Hits (video rental shop in Palawan).
* Goldirocks (Gravel & Sand  Shop)
* Happy Birthday Toyo (a soy sauce brand in the 70’s)
* Holland Hopia (owned by Mr. Ho, in Binondo)
* Poland Hopia (next door to Holland Hopia, owned by Mr.Po)
* Leon King Video Rental (Las Pinas)
* Let’s Goat-Together (kambingan  cum beer garden)
* Maid to Order (Maids Placement Agency)
* MacDonuts (Donut  Shop)
* Mang Donald’s (burger joint, Naga City plaza)
* Meating Place (Meat  Shop)
* Meatropolis (meat shop)
* Memory Drug (A Mercury Drug Clone)
* Miki  Mao (noodle eatery)
* Nacho Fast (Mexican food)
* Pansit ng taga-Malaboni (along Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong)
* Petal Attraction (flower shop sign near U.P. Diliman)
* Saudia Hairlines (Beauty Salon)
* Side-saki (side street eatery beside Mandarin Hotel)
* Sophisticut (unisex hair salon)
* Susan’s  Roses (flower shop)
* Sylvestre’s Salon
* TapSi TurBi (Tapa & Sinangag, Turon at Bibingka)
* The Fried of Marikina (fried chicken shop)
* The Way We Wear (Boutique)
* Wrap and Roll (lumpia outlet, Quad, Makati)
* Le Cheng Tea House (In Chinatown)
* A menu in  a seafood restaurant has these entrees:
o Isda best,
o Pusit to the limit,  and
o Hipon coming back.


Signs on Jeepneys and Buses:

* Before pay, tell where get the on before get the off
* Full string to stop driver
* God knows Hudas not pay
* For reckless driving, call  ###-#####
* Don’t get closed to me, get closed to God

On window of a restaurant in Baguio:

* Wanted: Boy Waitress

On carinderias:

* Cooking ng Ina Mo
* Cooking ng ina mo rin (right across Cooking ng Ina Mo)

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