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the story of The Year of Living Dangerously takes place in Indonesia
the film was shot in the Philippines back in 1983.

Watch Mel Gibson and
Sigourney Weaver travel through the rice terraces. Local pinoy movie stars
like Bembel Roco and Kuh Ledesma are in it as well.

Busey stars as a reporter in A Dangerous Life, a political thriller
set in Manila during the end of the Marcos regime. Busey’s character gets
all caught up in the EDSA Revolution.

This HBO Special (over 3 hours long)
gives a good description of the People Power events and was shot on location
except for the very end of the movie.

The Debut is about a Filipino-American teenager in LA struggling with his family and heritage.

Accurately depicts the Filipino-American community and lifestyle, stereotypes are portrayed with lots of humor

Magnifico is an award winning Tagalog movie that captures the Filipino heart and character fully.

It’s about a boy whose love, faith and courage shine through life’s sadness and misfortunes. He cannot help but do a good deed for everyone.

The Crying Ladies are professional mourners of Manila’s Chinatown. This big 2003 hit Tagalog movie is like a soap opera about these street smart women who cry fake tears for money, and for complete strangers.

This heart-warming tale that will move you from tears to laughter as you watch stars Sharon Cuneta, Hilda Koronel and Angel Aquino cry and cry and cry.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is a 2004 comedy adventure flick with Bill Murray as an oceanographer.

Pinoy connection: his ship is stormed by pirates speaking tagalog!

Big Fish is a 2003 fantasy comedy by Tim Burton. A heartwarming and magical son and father film. Pinoy connection:

In the scene where Ewan McGregor is parachuting onto the Korean stage, the ventriloquist is speaking Tagalog.

Finding Nemo is another wonderful Pixar animation film. Pinoy connection: look in the dentist’s aquarium, where Nemo is resting, to see a bahay-kubo.

Two Filipino artists were involved – Nelson Bohol and Virginia "Gini" Cruz Santos.

Constantine is a Keanu Reaves psychothriller where he’s a supernatural detective.

Pinoy connection: he does an exorcism on a filipina, and she speaks a little tagalog.

The action thriller Goodbye America is a US/Pinoy co-production that takes place at Subic while the Base is being shut down and shows how this affected both the locals and the GIs.

Plot involves an interracial affair, friendship between three young Navy SEALS, and how they deal

with the political and social changes.

The acclaimed Closer to Home is about a

mail-order marriage.

Dalisay journeys from the Philippine countryside to New York City to marry an ex-merchant marine. Dean hopes to find love and a new family, while Dalisay hopes to buy her sick sister’s cure, and ultimately, a future for her debt-ridden family.

The Great Raid is about a daring WWII rescue mission to free the last survivors of the Bataan Death March.

This movie is based upon the book, ‘The Great Raid on Cabanatuan: Rescuing the Doomed Ghosts of Bataan and Corregidor,’ by William B. Breuer, which told the true story of Colonel Henry Mucci’s raid on a notorious Japanese death camp in the Philippines.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is a Australian road trip story about a ranssexual that teams up with two younger drag artistes. They travel across Australia on a dilapidated bus named "Priscilla", in order to perform a cabaret act at a remote casino.

This comedy features a pinoy "mail-order" bride who does things with ping-pong balls…


The hit entertainer in his debut DVD! Recorded live at SF State, it’s Fil-Am comedian Rex Navarrete.

Hella Pinoy includes 75 minutes of Concert footage , “Behind the Scenes” documentary and slideshow Rex’s “Early Days” of Comedy, 2 “Rex-files”episodes.

Imelda – Power, Myth, Illusion shows the bizarre life of Imelda Marcos – the ups and the downs. “Imelda” marks the first time that Mrs. Marcos agreed to tell her story. This feature documentary details her rise from provincial origins to become one of the richest and most powerful women.

Told in English (English subtitles for some Tagalog) the original interviews feature scenes from her daily life and archival footage.

Thrilla in Manila – Ali vs. Frazier III 1975 has the actual footage from the greatest, most memorable modern boxing fight. Includes before fight info and ring-side commentary. Doce Pares Multi-Style System Eskrima – Kali – Arnis offers training in the Philippine stick-fighting arts known as Escrima, Kali and Arnis. Doce Pares is an interational organization with headquarters in Cebu. Filipino Arnis Stick, Hand and Knife Defenses: Self Defense and Martial Arts Videos is a good beginner video for someone who wants to learn about Arnis, the Filipino Stick Fighting method. Has a wealth of methods and concepts.

Badass Madapaka is the 2nd DVD from Fil-Am comedian Rex Navarrete. Full length 2005 Los Angeles Wiltern LG Theater show plus Tour of the Pacific (Hawaii, SF & Manila)

If you saw Rex in 2005 this DVD lets you relive those laughs!

Indian Funny Man from Toronto Russell Peters had a sold out 2006 show in San Francisco that was attended by ISers at another Bay Area Chowdown Mini-reunion. This hilarious politically incorrect event was captured on DVD.

If you know Russel this video is guaranteed fun, if you don’t know him this is the perfect intro!

Multiethnic audiences love Russell Peters’ racial jokes. He makes fun of all types of people from all over the world and he can imitate an accent or take on a persona incredibly well. Topics on the Red, White and Brown DVD range from sophisticated to lowbrow. Full of sexual and scatological references. Great bonus material too!

Pinoy-American comedian Jo Koy shows in his very-own Comedy Central special, Don’t Make Him Angry. Brandishing his energetic physicality and wacky impersonations, Jo Koy explores America’s obsession with road rage, recalls some of the worst places he’s ever had to visit while touring, and shares some of his most intimate family moments (Ting Ting!). This DVD will leave your ribs hurting long after the show ends.